For customers who are interested in building wooden houses made in Japan

I have been growing up exploring, touching and sensing woods since I was a kid. The Ebina Corporation was founded by my grandfather in Sagano, Kyoto city immediate after the war. For 60 years since then, the Ebina Corporation has been engaging in the housing construction for over 3 generations.

People may have various thoughts and expectations for building their own homes. The Ebina Corporation carefully listens to the customers’ dreams and hopes of their new homes and provides our professional advices to live comfortability and safely through conscientious discussions until the customers are satisfied. We recommend high quality authentic woods and other natural materials provided in Japan by taking advantages of being the lumber.

For those people who have ambitious expectations or just want to gather information about the wooden houses, please feel free to ask us. The Ebina Corporation promises to build long-lasting comfortable wooden houses with our customers by using best wooden materials grown in Japan and our professional skills.

The company profile

Trade name Ebina Lumber Co.,Ltd
Address Sagano 11 Chiyonomichi-cho, Ukyoku, Kyoto 616-8321 JAPAN
Representative Director Nobuyuki Ebina
Capital fund 20 million yen
Business category The sales of lumbers, building materials, equipment, house constructions (new, renovation), store designs and constructions, real estates
The number of employees Five
Business day Monday through Saturday (Closed: Sunday, holiday, New Year’s holidays , Summer holidays in mid-August) Monday through Friday from 9:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. Saturday from 9:00 A.M. to noon

The detailed map

Nobuyuki Ebina
Ebina Lumber Co.,Ltd Representative Director


Educational background

Graduated from the Okayama University


The second class architect

My special ability

When I was a kid of a lower grade of elementary school, I won a prize called “the Chairman of the Educational Committee” in painting which made me exhilarated and I came to like painting more. This experience is an origin of my work today.

About my profession

Not only craftsmanship, but arts and services to provide to the customers




Metallica, Slipknot, KORN


Actually I’m not good at sports but I once played a rugby for a year, also a lacrosse for a year.

Favorite food


Alcohol tolerance

I’m a light drinker

Happy times

When setting computers or some mechanicals

Impossible things to do

Trying to be prominent

Things I don’t like

“Bees” since I was once stung by bees SO badly…

Things I’m concerned about

Customers’ intentions, tastes and trends

A profession I wanted to pursue


My immediate goal

To become the best custom-built housing company in Kyoto

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