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Construction models

Esthetic functions naturally fit in the three-story wooden house

A three-story house providing comfortable lives for two families of six

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Families get together and gather around a fireplace, 
Pleasantly warm house for the two-generation families

The house for two-families having an impressive living room with a pellet stove.

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The house with book shelves covering entire walls and a reading space

No more frustration of the previous home, the house realizes dreams of both husband and wife.

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Simple and Scandinavian colors, Flat wooden house

Simple and stylish one-story house

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Comfortable café-like atmosphere created by harmonizing woods and Japanese aesthetic sense

The house filled with natural atmospheres using abundant solid materials

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The house that creates openness and family ties

We sought a new place for a better environment and built the house of natural materials

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We are pleased with the bridge-like corridor crossing, the open ceiling space and the peaceful atmosphere of our Japanese style room

The solid house that values on Japanese-style rooms.

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The wooden house made together with a customer

The Ebina Corporation uses woods grown in Japan.

The Ebina Corporation mainly use cedars and cypress grown in Kyoto prefecture, also those in Yoshino-district in Nara prefecture and Cyugoku, Shikoku regions Japan. Those timbers fit the climate in Japan and are hard to be perished and excellent in durability which are suitable to build strong and long-life houses.

Quality and cost advantages

No additional costs for building houses with the Ebina Corporation since we directly provide all wooden materials from our parent lumber company through our consistent procurement, processing and construction system.


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